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07th Sep 2022

Terrorist group says Vladimir Putin’s days are numbered

Steve Hopkins

The group revealed a number of scenarios that might end Putin’s presidency

The terrorist group who claimed responsibility for the death of the daughter of an ally of Vladimir Putin, claim the Russian leader’s days are up.

Darya Dugina, a pro-war pundit, was last month killed in a car bombing while driving near Moscow after a conservative festival.  Russian officials said a bomb had been fitted to a Toyota Land Cruiser belonging to her father, Alexander Dugin, who was sometimes referred to as ‘Putin’s brain’.

Ukraine was accused of being behind the attack by security services, but the country has denied any responsibility, saying they are not a “criminal state like Russia or a terrorist one at that”.

A group calling themselves the National Republican Army (NRA) have since come forward suggesting they were behind the bombing. They’ve also reportedly said the days of Putin’s regime are numbered.

The NRA claims to be a group of Russian partisans dedicated to overthrowing the Putin regime and a representative for the group spoke to the Kyiv Post about the bombing.

The NRA member, referred to as Alexsandr, told the Post that the target of the bombing was Dugin and his daughter, but they had only killed one of them due to “miscalculated” intelligence.

The member of the terrorist group said that powerful figures within Russia could get rid of Putin in exchange for an end to sanctions.

“Putin will be removed as soon as he becomes inconvenient for elites. Most likely, this will happen quietly and fearfully. “Maybe, he will spend three days lying around in his cabinet like one of his predecessors. But it is very possible that he will lose his head in exchange for sanctions relief.”

“In other words, the old man will become the fall guy and will be charged with everything that happened. Well, he certainly deserves that. However, his cronies won’t be able to get away with it either. We have taken note of every move.”

The NRA claims several current members of law enforcement are among their ranks, and are adamant that Putin could not simply be removed and allowed to stay away from power.

Aleksandr promised Putin “will not get away with it.”

He suggested several scenarios for Putin’s end, with the softest result being “court-martialled like Milosevic”, the Yugoslavian leader who faced war crimes charges in front of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

As for the harshest possible ending, the NRA representative suggested Putin could wind up “executed like Ceausescu”, the Romanian dictator who faced a firing squad after ordering the military to open fire on protestors.

Despite the pledges, the NRA said it might be some time before Putin’s government falls, as the group don’t believe it can be overthrown at the moment.

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