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15th Nov 2021

Terminally-ill dad who mooned speed camera honoured with ‘new Banksy’

Danny Jones

Terminally ill man honoured with 'new Banksy' artwork

Just one legend honouring another

A terminally ill man who mooned a speed camera while ticking off his bucket list has reportedly been immortalised in a new Banksy artwork.

Darrell Meekcom – who was arrested by six police officers after having shown his backside to a passing speed camera last month – was apparently contacted by a representative of the elusive artist sometime last week.

After being told the mystery artist had an interest in creating a mural inspired by him and his relatively innocuous act, Meekcom was then told on Sunday that an image of Bart Simpson mooning police officers had been painted on an underpass near the Watermill pub in his local area of Kidderminster.

New Banksy artwork Kidderminster

Meekcom admitted that, at first, he was “shocked and didn’t think it was real” that he was being contacted by an “anonymous international street artist”.

However, after a follow-up from the representative, Meekcom received another anonymous message informing him it the artwork had been done and was provided with a postcode.

Meekcom said that he could smell the “fresh paint” as soon as he arrived and was blown away by the work. He went on to add that the secretive contact explained to him how the police were painted in black to represent the “disproportionate use of force” and “dark and oppressive nature of the police”.

Darrell Meekcom Banksy

In contrast, Bart – Meekcom himself  – was depicted in full colour and being typically “cheeky, comical and playful”.

The 55-year-old former lecturer was diagnosed with multiple system atrophy (MSA) in October: a condition that affects the nervous system and is sadly terminal. After his arrest, he suffered two seizures and to rushed to hospital over fears he suffered a bleed to the brain.

Meekcom, like many who saw the footage online, was “gobsmacked” that the police went to such ridiculous lengths to try and punish him for a funny little stunt.