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09th Mar 2022

Teen vanishes from Queen’s guard post to fight Putin’s forces in Ukraine

Charlie Herbert

Queen's guard

The ‘fed up’ guard has joined the Ukrainian war effort

A 19-year-old member of the Queen’s guard has ditched his post to go and fight in Ukraine.

The teen Coldstream Guardsman left his role in Windsor to take up arms in eastern Europe in another example of Brits volunteering to fight the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Ministry of Defence agents are believed to be trying to locate the teenager over fears that Russia could interpret him fighting as a sign that Britain has joined Ukrainian forces.

A source told the Sun that the guard had been “promised an operational tour” but this didn’t happen, leading to a “lot of the lads” becoming “fed up.”

The source said: “They were promised an operational tour and it got pushed under their noses for about three or four years. Then when the tour was supposed to come about, it got cancelled.

“He probably thinks he could do some good out there but it’s a very misguided decision.”

A number of Brits with no connection to Ukraine have decided to volunteer their services on the front line, including the son of a Tory MP.

Ben Grant is the son of Helen Grant, the MP for Maidstone, and has flown out to Ukraine to fight. He says that his mother has no idea he’s travelled to eastern Europe.

The father-of-three, who spent more than five years as a commando in the Royal Marines, told the Guardian: “I haven’t been sent, nothing to do with the Government, nothing to do with my mother.

“Just want to make that clear, completely off my own back, I decided to do this.

“I didn’t even tell my mum, but it is what it is.”

Meanwhile another Brit who travelled to Ukraine has arrived in the country only to be told that his services are not required because it would take too much time to train him up.

Leon Dawson, a gym owner from Surrey, has no connection to Ukraine and zero military experience.

He was apparently told by a Ukrainian official that they “don’t have the resources” or “the time” to train him.

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