Taliban 'behead junior volleyball player and post photos of her head on social media', report says 6 months ago

Taliban 'behead junior volleyball player and post photos of her head on social media', report says

The photos have reportedly popped up across the internet

Taliban insurgents have allegedly beheaded a junior volleyball player who played for the Afghan junior women's national volleyball team.


Coach Suraya Afzali, whose name was changed for safety reasons, claimed in a recent interview with the Persian Independent that the Taliban killed Mahjabin Hakimi earlier in October. They also claim that the family have not spoken about it as they were also threatened, reports Yahoo.

Mahjabin played for Kabul Municipality Volleyball Club until the fall of Kabul in mid-August. Earlier this week, photographs of her head and bloodied neck appeared on social media, claims Yahoo.

Afzali confirms that only two athletes from their team were able to escape Kabul, while the rest remain within the city.


The Taliban are interested in hunting down female athletes but specifically members of the Afghan women's volleyball team. In particular, these include women who played in foreign and domestic competitions and appeared on TV, says Afzali.

“All the players of the volleyball team and the rest of the women athletes are in a bad situation and in despair and fear,” he told the Persian Independent.

“Everyone has been forced to flee and live underground.”

But why the interest in a volleyball team?


The team was founded in 1978 and has reportedly been an inspiration and empowering group for many young Afghan women. Despite the Taliban's insistence that the rights of women would be untouched, numerous reports suggest otherwise.

So far, other team members have been unsuccessful in acquiring foreign aid. Last week, FIFA along with the Qatari government were able to evacuate 100 women footballers from the country, which included members of the national team and their families.

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