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06th Feb 2017

Sophie Turner went full Sansa Stark while giving Donald Trump an impeccable burn

She's absolutely nailed it here.

Rich Cooper

The inevitable death of the environment, restriction of civil liberties and the rise of white nationalism aside, we’ve gotten some pretty decent gags out of Donald Trump’s presidency.

Trump signing an executive order was turned into an endlessly amusing meme of him doodling and showing off his work to the cameras. Even today, his “accumulation of data” tweet was perfect for taking the piss out of. Trump may go down as a terrible human being, but at least he was easy to make fun of.

Every opportunity to take a dig at the President is a welcome opportunity, and actress Sophie Turner (who plays Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones) apparently agrees, as she recently delivered an absolutely dizzying burn via Twitter.

Someone tweeted out this picture of Trump and his wife Melania, referencing the Kylie and Kendall Jenner ‘Name a More Iconic Duo’ meme.

Naturally, a lot of people took the piss, or just dismissed it as trolling. But Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, a not-terribly prolific tweeter, had a weapons-grade response ready to level at Trump.


She simply replied with this:


She couldn’t have said it better.


Feature: Ethan Miller / Win McNamee /Getty Images