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02nd Feb 2017

Sky News presenter accidentally says ‘prick’ when talking about Donald Trump

It's the co-presenter's reaction that really makes it.

Rich Cooper

Some accidents are so perfect that you wonder if they were even accidents at all.

So when a news anchor slips the word ‘prick’ into a segment about Donald Trump, one can only sit back with arms folded and nod in agreement.

Sky News presenter Claudia-Liza Armah did just that, and it was glorious.


Armah said: “President Trump has made one of his biggest appointments since taking office by announcing his nominee for the US Supreme Court.”

So far so good.

“His prick for the life-long position in America’s highest court is Neil Gorsuch.”

His what now?

“His prick…”

Ah yes, I thought that’s what she said. If he’s Trump’s choice, then we have no choice but to take Armah at face value.

Alright, Armah obviously meant to say ‘pick’, and though the ‘prick’ slip is potentially apposite, it’s not the best thing about the clip. The best thing about the clip is the reaction of Armah’s co-presenter Colin Brazier.


“Oh ho ho! I heard that, you rascal!”

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