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03rd Oct 2022

Runner who sprinted to the front of London Marathon shares his finishing time

Jack Peat

Man speeds ahead of other runners at London Marathon

His lead didn’t last long…

A runner who sprinted to the front of the London Marathon has shared his finishing time after his starting line heroics.

Richard Lee-Wright absolutely legged it at the start of yesterday’s event, outpacing the professional athletes to make it to the front in Greenwich.

Remarking on the man’s speedy work, one BBC commentator said: “The grand spectacle of thousands coming together in the pursuit of a common goal. Or the ones who look for a little bit of individual glory, like that man at the front there.”

Also commentating on BBC, three-time winner of the London Marathon Paula Radcliffe, who used to be the fastest female marathoner of all time, said: “That guy is going to be paying for it”.

And she was right.

Lee-Wright’s lead didn’t last long.

Kenya’s Amos Kipruto pulled ahead with the elite group of runners, eventually winning the men’s race with an impressive finishing time of 2:04:39.

Richard managed to finish in an impressive 3hrs 23mins, having trained for six years to qualify for the front pack of runners.

The time isn’t one to be sniffed at, and he managed to grab his moment in the spotlight.

Speaking to Metro, he said: “It all started about six years ago.

“A friend and me were watching the London Marathon and he said, obviously, that they run really fast.

“I told him I could lead the London Marathon and he said there was no chance.

“I’d told people for years that I was going to do this and they laughed at me and didn’t believe I could do it.”

He continued: “When I put my arm in the air, that’s probably because I realised my dream had come true, and that I’d done it.