Pubs could ask for blood tests to prove Covid immunity 5 months ago

Pubs could ask for blood tests to prove Covid immunity

Going back to the boozer is never gone be the same is it?

Following the ongoing debate surrounding vaccine certification, Covid passports and whether pubs allow you in without a jab, it seems there could be further precautionary measures put in place when things open back up.


Speaking in the House the Commons, Michael Gove proposed a combined screening system of not only confirming "vaccine status but also a recent test status and potentially antibody status as well." In short, we could be asked to have blood tests in order to get a pint.

Boris Johnson briefed the country on issues surrounding vaccines and the easing out of lockdown yesterday - especially in regards to the pub industry - stating that some form of certification "will play a role".

The issue of vaccines is made even more complicated not only by the fact that, aside from refusing to get the jab (which is perfectly safe, just in case you need reminding for the 100th time), various other "moral complexities, [and] ethical problems" remain. For instance, pregnant women can’t be vaccinated at the moment.

Gove's suggestion was caveated with the reminder that "the best thing to do would be to be guided by scientific and clinical advice and then subject that advice to proper, rigorous, ethical questioning, rather than taking an instant, off the shelf, instinctive approach."

It seems that while the vaccine rollout scheme is looking ahead of schedule, there are still concerns around whether the UK's roadmap out of lockdown is too soon. While countries like Israel have opened various parts in their hospitality sector, with little no significant increase in cases as yet, India has seen a surge in cases since easing restrictions.

The fact remains that the risk of infection and the threat of Covid-19 is still very much present. Peter Openshaw, Professor of Experimental Medicine at Imperial College and a government adviser, was privy to Gove's suggestion, stating that certified antibody tests would also be more accurate self-administered ones.