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22nd Oct 2022

Plane crashes into US apartment building, killing everyone on board

Jack Peat

‘I heard the big bang and then the house shaking’, one resident said

A plane has crashed into a barn next to a New Hampshire apartment building, killing everyone on board.

According to local reports, the single-engine jet came down near Keene’s Dillant-Hopkins airport.

Residents say the plane hit a storage barn area, which caught fire next to a small apartment building that shares a parking lot with Hope Chapel.

Eight of the tenants in the building were able to evacuate in time, and they were not injured, authorities confirmed.

However, there were no survivors on board the plane.

The City of Keene said in a statement: “There was a plane crash near the Keene Airport into a multifamily building near Hope Chapel.

“There were no injuries at the multifamily building. Unfortunately those on the plane have perished. The FAA has been notified.

“Additional details will be shared as they become available.”

Local news channels have broadcast images of the rescue workers trying to put the flames out.

One resident, Robin Guimond, told WCVB: “It was very scary, I mean, I was sitting in the chair and I heard the big bang and then the house shaking.”

Another person inside the apartment building, Scott Gauthier, added: “I just grabbed what I needed to grab to be decent, got outside and looked up.

“The roof was already in. It already spread all over the roof of the back of the house.”

The building’s landlord, Wayne Brown, added: “It looks like the tree in the back you can see where the limbs broke off.

“They must have been having problems because the runway is probably a half a mile behind from the house.

“They probably hit the limb and it turned the plane on a 90 and it just drove it right into the barn.”

Witness Angel Brown said she watched on in horror from her living room window as the plane crashed into the barn.

She said: “I heard the plane and then I heard a crash then sirens went into my kitchen to get stuff ready for work and saw the flames from my back window.”