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03rd Aug 2023

People are losing their minds at trailer for killer sloth horror film

Charlie Herbert

People are losing their minds at trailer for killer sloth horror film Slotherhouse

The title alone makes this an instant so-bad-it’s-good classic

The first trailer has been released for an upcoming slasher sloth horror film, and people are understandably stunned.

We’ve had a horror movie about Winnie the Pooh. We’ve had a film about a bear going on a rampage after eating millions of dollars worth of cocaine. We’ve got a film about a raccoon on crack to, ahem, look forward to.

Now, we’re being treated to a slasher film about a killer sloth.

Yes, an animal famous for its lackadaisical and slow approach to life is being turned into a blood-thirsty murderer – and the first trailer has landed.

‘Slotherhouse’ – 10/10 name by the way – follows college student Emily Young (Lisa Ambalavanar), who adopts a cute little sloth named Alpha to become her mascot to help her in her campaign to become president of her sorority.

But a string of deaths in the Sigma Lambda Theta house lead Emily and her sorority sisters to realise that whilst the sloth may have been a “beta” in the jungle, here “she’s an alpha.”

Here’s the trailer for your enjoyment:

You may have clocked by now that this is not a very serious film, and AV Club reports that it actually only has a parental guidance rating of PG-13.

So the main reaction to the trailer has been one of hilarity, which is almost certainly what the mad minds who came up with this film were hoping for.

One person tweeted: “Hahahaha I’ll be there opening night.”

Another said: “This looks so awful. I need to go see it.”

A third wrote: “Give this all the awards. I’m all in on a killer sloth!”

Others wondered whether this film was the results of the current writers strike in Hollywood.

One person penned: “This is what we have left to look forward to with the strike happening.”

A second noted: “The writers strike really hitting huh?”

But the generally consensus seems to be that this film will land firmly in the so-bad-it’s-good category of cinema.

“That looks so bad. I can’t wait,” one person commented.

“Ok! Fine!……as a connoisseur and enthusiast of ‘bad’ film. This looks like it may actually be a gem and the makers knew what they were doing. Lol,” added another.

Meanwhile, some were just pleased to see an original film being made, instead of a sequel, remake or yet another Marvel project.

Slotherhouse co-stars Sydney Craven, Olivia Rouyre, Bianca Beckles-Rose, Andrew Horton, Sutter Nolan, Grace Patterson, Milica Vrzić, Annamaria Serda, Tiff Stevenson, Stefan Kapičić, Kelly Lynn Reiter, and Rudi Rok as the voice of Alpha.

The film is written by Bradley Fowler and directed by Matthew Goodhue.

And, yes, it will be in cinemas. The film will be released on August 30, so gather your mates, save the date, and prepare yourself for some peak cinema.

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