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26th May 2022

New Winnie The Pooh horror movie is here to ruin your childhood

Simon Bland


Prepare to Pooh your pants

A new indie movie has reimagined innocent little Winnie the Pooh as a grisly serial killer alongside a tusked and terrifying Piglet – and by the looks of it, he’s after more than just honey pots.

Winnie The Pooh: Blood and Honey sees newcomer Rhys Frake-Waterfield give AA Milne’s classic kids character a fearsome makeover in a movie that looks a million miles away from the character’s quaint Hundred Acre wood stomping ground.

While a release date is yet to be confirmed, its IMDB elevator pitch describes director Frake-Waterfield’s shady horror as a story that follows “Pooh and Piglet as they go on a rampage after Christopher Robin abandons them.”

What’s more, one glance at the stills that accompany the film’s official tag line and it’s clear that Pooh and Piglet have seen better days.

First appearing in 1924 as Edward the Bear before a 1926 rebrand reintroduced him as Winnie, Milne’s friendly, honey-loving bear is likely best known to many via his Disney incarnation which featured a small red tee shirt that barely covered his roly-poly yellow-furred tummy.

The House of Mouse acquired a licence to use the character in 1961 – however according to The Independent, Pooh’s intellectual property rights re-entered the public domain earlier this year on January 1 when the copyright for the original book expired.

Frake-Waterfield’s nightmarish film looks set to capitalise on this newfound IP freedom by giving the character a devilish overhaul – all without needing permission of the original character’s estate.

This free-reign access also gives other creators permission to interpret the character in a range of different formats too – from movies, to musicals and plays.

Those hoping to see some of Pooh’s familiar pals appear in his latest outing will be disappointed though, as the rights for franchise favourite Tigger remain firmly with the Walt Disney Company.

As you might expect, this new take on Pooh bear has set the internet alight, with many on social media offering their thoughts at his killer new career choice.

There’s currently no official trailer available to watch but you better believe we’ll be writing about this one again as soon as it arrives.

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