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23rd Oct 2023

Outrage as man climbs over live train tracks to harass lone woman at station

Steve Hopkins

‘This is one of the most unhinged and disturbing things I’ve seen’

A man has been videoed crossing over live train tracks to harass a woman sitting by herself in a clip that has sparked outrage on social media.

Footage shot by the woman, and shared on X and TikTok, shows her repeatedly telling the man to stay away as he follows her along the platform at Bruce Grove train station in Tottenham, north London, on Friday.

At one point, as the woman – who has not been identified – attempts to leave the station, the man appears to block her from using the stairs and threatens to take her phone away.

British Transport Police are reportedly investigating the clip which other X users have labelled “deeply upsetting” and “disturbing”.

On TikTok the video was uploaded with a warning to watch out for the man and to “avoid travelling alone at night”.

The video begins with the man jumping down on to the tracks from the opposite platform and crossing over to the side where the woman is sitting.

As he approaches her, she says: “Back the f*** up. You just jumped across the tracks to come and talk to me? Stay away from me bro.”

The man replies, “let me chat”, as the woman walked down the platform away from him, saying: “No I don’t wanna chat to you. F*** off. I don’t wanna chat to you.”

The woman then starts shouting: “I don’t know you from anywhere.”

He replies: “I’ll follow you then.”

She repeats: “Go away. What is wrong with you?”, to which he replies: “I’ll follow you though. If you do that, if you act up, I’ll follow you.”

The man later raises his voice, saying: “Okay let me say my part then.”

As he follows her down the stairs, she says: “Go away, I don’t want to know you.

“Can you go away please? Can you stop calling me? F*** off. Go away. Go away.”

At this point, the man, dressed in a black puffer jacket and jogging bottoms, places his hand in front of the camera and pleads: “Let me say my part then. It’s only a few sentences. Before I take your phone off you. Let me take your phone.”

Writing on TikTok the woman said the man tried to “intimidate me” after crossing the tracks.

“He sat down and after politely denying him I got up to walk away. He tried to grab me and started shouting, immediately angry that I didn’t want his attention. I stopped recording after he said he would take my phone but he followed me to the exit and blocked my way out.

“I shouted for help from people in the street and even when other people were there he didn’t seem fazed. A brave woman came over to help and the disturbance had caught the attention of other people in street, she simply told me to run.”

The woman said she didn’t post the clip for “any attention other than to share how important it is for young women to stay as safe as possible when travelling on public transport.”

“I am quite tall and believe I am quite capable of defending myself but in situations like this it’s easy to lose composure.

“Please please please make sure someone knows where you are at all times and avoid travelling alone at night, this occurred somewhere I usually feel quite safe and comfortable as it’s near home but it can happen to anyone, anywhere at anytime.”

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