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28th Dec 2016

No, WWE star Big Show didn’t die in a car crash

He's alive and well.

Tom Victor

This year has claimed the lives of so many public figures that many people have a rush of panic whenever they see the name of a celebrity trending on social media.

Several celebrities have died just this week, and dozens have passed away since the start of 2016, but we have also seen a couple of death hoaxes in recent days.

Earlier this week, rumours began spreading that Britney Spears had died at the age of 35 after a post from an official Sony Twitter account. However it was later revealed that the singer was alive and well, and it was thought that the account in question had been hacked.

Similarly, reports spread earlier this month that WWE favourite Big Show had died in a car accident. However this too has been confirmed to be false.

WWE spokesman Chris Bellitti confirmed to the Associated Press that the 44-year-old, real name Paul Donald Wight II, is alive and well, contrary to reports from a blog which Bellitti noted is not affiliated with World Wrestling Entertainment.

The former heavyweight champion announced earlier this year that he plans to retire from professional wrestling after Wrestlemania 33 next April.

He shared a photo of himself back in the gym on Boxing Day, and will be back in action sooner rather than later.


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