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13th Dec 2021

Newlyweds plunge to the ground after entering wedding on a swing hoisted 12ft into the air

Charlie Herbert

Couple fall of 12ft high swing at wedding

Certainly a day to remember for them

This is the frightening moment newlyweds plunged to the ground after making a dramatic entrance to their wedding on a swing hoisted 12ft into the air.

For many people, their wedding day will be the best day of their lives. Weeks of meticulous planning in the hope that everything goes smoothly, whether it’s a simplistic low-key event or an all-out extravaganza.

Safe to say that the bride and groom arriving at their wedding on a huge swing adorned with fireworks slips neatly into the latter of these two types of ceremony – and unfortunately for one couple in India, the meticulous planning didn’t pay off.

The pair entered their wedding on a huge circular swing with fireworks – but something holding the structure snapped and it twisted to one side.

The couple then fell to the floor in front of their shocked guests in Raipur, Chhattisgarh in central India.

You can see the shocking footage below.

The couple is believed to have sustained minor injuries but were able to continue with the ceremony 30 minutes later.

The event management company that planned the programme apologised for the incident.

An employee for the firm said that the accident occurred during the ‘Sangeet’ ceremony due to some “technical issues”.

“No one suffered injuries in the incident. The bride and the groom are safe,” he claimed, adding that the company will ensure such incidents don’t occur again in the future.

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