Bride considering putting unvaccinated guests on 'anti-vax' table at wedding 8 months ago

Bride considering putting unvaccinated guests on 'anti-vax' table at wedding

The social lives of unvaccinated people could plummet

A bride in Australia is considering putting all of her anti-vax relatives and friends on one table at her wedding, separating them from the vaccinated.


The bride-to-be, known only as Heidi, spoke to presenters on radio show Kyle and Jackie-O on KIIS 106.5 to get some advice about her wedding, which is booked for March next year.

“I’m thinking do I have a special ‘anti-vax table’ so all the other guests are a little bit more at ease with having people that aren’t vaccinated there - or do I not worry about it?” she questioned.

“The anti-vaccinated, they’ve chosen not to do it for whatever reason, that’s fine, it’s their own choice,” replied co-host Kyle Sandilands.


However the logistics of the situation did not add up for fellow presenter Jackie’ O’ Henderson, who said: “I don’t think separating them at a table is going to do anything, like everyone’s going to be dancing”.

Both presenters agreed that the best course of action was to request that guests take a lateral flow test before the wedding.

This is but one of many instances where people are concerned about having unvaccinated people at their house, especially in the run-up to Christmas.

Columnist Eleanor Gordon-Smith gave advice on a similar situation in mid-November, writing in the Guardian that: “If there’s even the remotest hope of persuading them to get vaccinated, I do think you ought to try. Vaccines are safe, vital and quite literally the least we can do to keep each other safe.”


Similarly, Elizabeth Brenner Danziger for the Times of Israel said that she wasn’t inviting unvaccinated friends to her Yom Tov meal.

“When they do not receive an invitation, will they think I am angry with them? I’m not mad. I don’t want to get covid,” she wrote.

It’s clear, especially around the holidays, that people are grappling with how to address the elephant in the room. These are usually people you care immensely about but ultimately, does your own health have to take precedent?

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