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19th Dec 2023

‘New Harry Potter trailer’ set in 2024 features Dumbledore and adult Harry

Charlie Herbert

Harry potter trailer

A ‘trailer’ for a Harry Potter film set in 2024 has been released, showing Dumbledore and an adult Harry.

There hasn’t been a Potter film since the release of The Deathly Hallows – Part 2 in 2011, but that hasn’t stopped the Wizarding World expanding.

And this year, we had the announcement that HBO are going to be doing television adaptations of the books.

Before this, a stage production and screenplay, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was written as a follow-up to the initial books.

There have been persistent rumours that this could be turned into a film, and we now have some sort of idea what this could look like.

With the use of AI, YouTuber Codec 96 has managed to put together a trailer for a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child film, featuring Dumbledore and a grown-up, bearded Harry.

In the trailer, we see a haunting Hogwarts while Harry’s son asks: “Dad, what if I have got into Slytherin?”

We then see Dumbledore appear, despite (spoilers) his death in the sixth book.

He says: “Memory is everything. Without it we are blind.”

As a bearded Harry appears, a female voice says: “Awful things happen to wizards who meddle with time, Harry.”

Despite the fact this ‘trailer’ is basically fan fiction, it hasn’t stopped Potterheads getting very excited.

One wrote: “The best fake trailer I’ve ever seen, I loved it …. thank so much.”

Another said: “I am into it. AI did great. It looks really good to me.”

“Loving this,” a third added.

This isn’t the first time AI has been used to imagine up some Potter content. Previously, someone decided to use the technology to create some seriously jacked versions of the characters from the books – including Dobby and Voldemort

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