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06th Dec 2021

‘Mystery house’ spotted on moon to be investigated by China

Danny Jones

Mystery house spotted on the moon

Insert next confounding headline: BONG!

China is set to send their space rover to investigate a mystery house spotted on the moon. Read it as many times you like, that’s still what it said.

That’s right, journalist Andrew Jones has been chronicling Chang’e-4 lunar mission since 2019 and this past Friday he tweeted how the Yutu-2 lunar probe had spotted a “cubic shape” around 80 metres away from a crater it was roaming.

As you can see, while he admitted that it likely isn’t an “obelisk or aliens”, having previously mistaken strange “gel-like substances” and “shards” for nothing more than rocks, he did say that it’s “certainly something to check out”.

Below you can see that large boulders and outcrops of rock often resemble noticeable structures from a distance but we’re still going to keep the faith that it’s something cool and, you know, not just more rocks.

Though there isn’t much more detail on whether the ‘mystery house’ is actually anything of note, Jones went on to discuss Yutu-2’s journey across the moon, from its “soft landing” in January 2019 to its 37th lunar day.

As the thread goes on, you can also see the map tracking the course of its two-year-plus journey:

As we say, chances are it’s likely nothing – but the excitable and imaginative little kid in us still wants to hope it really is a mystery house and there’s something in it. It’s all we want for Christmas.

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