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19th Apr 2024

China’s latest train station gets roasted for looking like a sanitary pad

Charlie Herbert

china north Nanjing station looks like a sanitary pad

‘Why can we all tell it is a sanitary pad immediately, but the architects can’t?’

Chinese social media users have been left stunned by the design of a new train station, due to the fact it looks a lot like a sanitary pad.

The proposed design for the North Nanjing station was released this week, and is reported to have cost a huge $2.7bn (£2.17bn). Designers said they took inspiration from plum blossoms, which the city of Nanjing is famous for, the BBC reports.

It wasn’t long though before people took to social media to point out that the station also looks very similar to something very different – a sanitary pad.

One person wrote on social media platform Weibo: “This is a giant sanitary pad. It’s embarrassing to say it looks like a plum blossom.”

Another said: “Why can we all tell it is a sanitary pad immediately, but the architects can’t?”

“I think we should take this chance to call for society to pay attention to period shaming. This design is ahead of its time,” a third joked.

Someone else quipped: “No matter how large the passenger flow is, it can be fully absorbed and stay dry all day long.”

The station is set to span an area of 14 square miles and will serve an estimated 36.5 million passengers every year.

Construction on the project is scheduled to begin in the first half of this year, and it is hoped that the station will be able to welcome its first passengers by early 2028.

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