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24th Feb 2022

Mysterious ‘V’ spotted on Russian war vehicle after experts struggle to decode ‘Z’ markings

Danny Jones

Mysterious V marking spotted on Russian vehicles

First, a ‘Z’ symbol appeared on Russian tanks and trucks – now people are just as confounded by the latest markings

The full-scale invasion of Ukraine is underway and as military forces continue to encroach into more territory, experts are attempting to decipher a number of mysterious markings spotted on various land and air vehicles.

On Wednesday, February 23, we reported on a number of ‘Z’ symbols that were identified on a Russian convoy passing through the rebel region of Luhansk. Each tank and military truck appeared to bear a mysterious ‘Z’ symbol and now, those on the ground in Ukraine have also spotted an equally mysterious ‘V’ marking as well.

As you can see in the video below obtained by Belarusian journalist and researcher Tadeusz Giczan, a downed Russian helicopter appears to bear the ‘V’ symbol; he also claims that one of the pilots was taken prisoner.

While full verification of the video and what the mysterious ‘V’ means are yet to be confirmed, as he and many others have detailed in a thread of replies, the theory is that this marking indicates the aircraft has come from Belarus where Russian troops have been stationed in recent weeks.

For more context, here is an apparent Russian medical vehicle pictured in the city of Gomel, Belarus, which clearly shares the same insignia. Working on this rationale, it is thought that Russian military vehicles are being denoted by which direction they have been ordered to attack Ukraine from.

Giczan went on to point out that a number of ‘O’ markings have also been spotted on vehicles moving down from the north and some experts believe this could stand for Основной or “core”, meaning they are tasked with marching on the centre of the country.

Once again, though much of this is still speculation, it is a plausible explanation based on what little unverified information is out there during these early stages.

As Russia, Ukraine and potentially Europe prepare for a full-scale war, we’ve put together a list of resources so you can find out what you can do to help and how.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s happened so far:

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