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24th Feb 2022

Emotional scenes as Ukrainians sing national anthem before full-scale war

Danny Jones

Ukrainians sing hymns and national anthem amid Russian invasion

Our hearts go out to them

In a video that has now gone viral online, thousands of Ukrainians can be seen singing the national anthem and hymns as their country faces a full-scale Russian invasion.

As you can see in the footage captured by political analyst Maria Zolkina, thought to be filmed outside the Government House in Kramatorsk – located in the breakaway region of Donetsk – crowds gathered in solidarity and support.

Watch the moving footage as Ukrainians sing their national anthem, hymns and pray for peace below.

As explained in the caption, as well as reciting the national anthem and waving Ukrainian flags, the civilians sing that they do not want the “Russkiy Mir” to come. Though the speakers and voice carry, the sound of sirens can still be heard in the background.

While Donetsk is part of the rebel Donbas region which allowed Russian forces to move through it after being recognised as independent by Moscow, it is clear that plenty living in the city and its outskirts do not share pro-Putin sentiments.

They are not the only Ukrainians singing however, as closer to home in Coventry, a local community centre has gathered fellow ex-pats along with second and third generation Ukrainians to sing spiritual hymns:

While terrifying footage of missiles raining down on cities continue to circulate on social media, various nations across the world are declaring their support for Ukraine.

Germany has already lit up its Brandenburg Gate in the blue and yellow of the country’s national flag and more iconic landmarks are likely to do the same.

Here in Britain, hundreds have gathered outside the Ukrainian embassy in London to demand immediate intervention.

Though the UK, US and NATO have already stated that Ukraine has the full-backing issuing a number of economic sanctions in the past few days, President Putin has warned that granting them membership to the alliance would mean being dragged into an all-out conflict with “no winners“.

Meanwhile, over in Ireland, the Ukrainian ambassador Larysa Gerasko fought back tears on a morning radio broadcast as she reacted to the news of the invasion, as she told the host how she feared for her family still living in the contested territory.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemned the attacks as “heinous and barbaric”, insisting that they “must end in failure” and US President Joe Biden says that he and his G7 counterparts will be monitoring the situation, declaring that “the world will hold Russia accountable.”

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