Matt Hancock apologises for 'breach of social distancing' but will not resign 5 months ago

Matt Hancock apologises for 'breach of social distancing' but will not resign

Hancock is the only name worth talking about this morning, following the release of an image that depicts him kissing someone who does not appear to be his wife! However, after the masses call for his resignation, Hancock has finally responded.


"I accept that I breached the social distancing guidance in these circumstances," writes the Health secretary, which, although true, is a dramatic understatement. To be clear, Mr Hancock, you didn't stand close to someone; you had your tongue in someone's mouth.

"I remain focused on working to get the country out of this pandemic," he says. The irony of the situation is unbelievable, considering he has done an abysmal job of dealing with the Pandemic and an even worse job of living by his own advice.

Last year, he was pretty insistent on a scientist resigning after a similar scandal emerged. It is evident these rules only apply to those trying to stop the pandemic, not individuals who spend most of their time opposing free school meals and handing out PPE contracts to their besties.


The one thing agreeable in this situation is the need to leave his family alone; after all, his wife is innocent in this situation. However, his wife wouldn't need to be left alone if he simply kept PDA within his bubble and his marriage.