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30th Jun 2023

Man pours milk over the heads of Just Stop Oil protesters

Steve Hopkins

‘Thuggish assault and utterly condemnable’

Video of a passerby pouring a bottle of milk over the head of Just Stop Oil protesters has gone viral, but divided opinion.

Footage posted on social media shows a man approaching protesters as they held a slow march in Hammersmith, London on Thursday. The group has been performing the action since April.

At first, he walks past an activist, ignoring a handout, before flinging a stream of milk over several protesters.

He then pours the beverage over one activist’s head before repeating the process, targeting others in the same way.

The video has been shared by multiple people and has clocked up millions of views.

While some commenters made, somewhat predictable jokes about “spilt milk”, others condemned the behaviour as “thuggish.”

Earlier in the day, two people in a landscape gardening truck got out of their vehicle and abused Just Stop Oil protesters at another London location.

The activists also caused disruption at Lord’s cricket ground on Wednesday, and players were seen removing them from the pitch. Three were arrested for invading the pitch during day one of the Second Test at the Ashes.

While pouring milk over the protesters, the man is heard calling them ‘You fing wrong’uns’.

Other social media users also expressed their frustration at the protesters but in a less extreme way.

One mum wrote on Twitter: “Just Stop Oil protest in Hammersmith and we are stuck on a bus as I try and get my kid to nursery after an appointment.”

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