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23rd Nov 2022

Man hurled condoms filled with bodily fluids at schoolgirls from his mobility scooter

Charlie Herbert

The man had ‘no explanation’ for his actions

A man who hurled condoms filled with bodily fluids at schoolgirls from his mobility scooter has been handed a suspended sentence.

Donald Holdsworth, 57, also put a used condom and a pair of women’s knickers on cola bottles in a Heron Foods store.

The pervert admitted assault and contaminating goods when he appeared at Northampton Magistrates’ Court on Monday, November 21.

Holdsworth, of Corby, Northamptonshire, was sentenced to a total of 24 weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months.

He was also ordered to take part in 30 rehabilitation days, pay a total of £239 in costs and give £50 to the three girls he attacked with condoms.

He was also ordered to pay £25 to Heron Foods.

The court heard Holdsworth lobbed a condom at a young girl in West Glebe Park in Corby on June 30.

Prosecutor Sukhy Singh said: “A girl was walking with a friend through West Glebe Park,
when a man on a red mobility scooter threw an item towards her filled with liquid she thought was urine.

“The incident made her cry and she was obviously distressed as a result of what happened.”

Holdsworth struck again on August 20 when he did a ‘drive-by’ past two girls who were walking along Corporation Street in the town.

Mr Singh said Holdsworth threw a condom filled with a “brown liquid” from his mobility scooter hitting one of the girl’s on the leg.

On July 10 Holdsworth entered Heron Foods in Corporation Street and left a pair of women’s knickers on a multipack of Pepsi.

Mr Singh said a shop assistant also found a used condom on bargain bottles of 89p cola, causing her “alarm” and “distress”.

Due to Covid precautions, the shop worker was wearing protective gloves so was not in direct contact with the condom.

Mr Singh added: “The incident caused her anxiety and told one of her managers what she had experienced caused her alarm – ‘thankfully I was using gloves so I didn’t touch the semen. The incident made me physically sick’.”

The bottles were withdrawn from sale.

Holdsworth was arrested and told police officers: “I’m usually good, boys. I’ve never done anything like this before.”

The court heard he then admitted he done it about four times before.

Judge Amar Mehta told him: “It’s very concerning that somebody rides around a town throwing condoms at teenage girls.

“In your own words you acted in a ‘stupid way’. This court couldn’t agree more. Nobody deserves to have other people’s bodily excretions on them.”

Speaking of the condom found in the shop, the judge added: “There can be no doubt it was filled with semen.

“A member of the public or a child could have put their hand on it – it is disrespectful, gross behaviour, disgusting behaviour.”

Baljit Garcha, defending, said: “He has no explanation why he did it. He regrets his actions and expressed remorse.

“There might have been some sexual gratification.”

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