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03rd Nov 2016

Man gives out rotisserie chickens to trick-or-treaters over Halloween

The Halloween hero we all need and deserve.

Paul Moore

To hell with sweets.

Halloween is a time when ghouls, evil and villainy reign supreme. As a society, the Halloween weekend sees us seeking out horror stories and frightful delights because for a brief period of time, we cast away the heroes and revel in the unspeakable evil of Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees.

One man is making a stand for the heroes though, and and he’s doing it with rotisserie chickens.

You’ve probably received fruit or nuts while trick-or-treating, but we’re confident in saying that this has never happened to you.

Naturally, some people felt that there was something fowl about this story.

This eggcellent story was proven to have more than just a nugget of truth though.

Take a bow rotisserie chicken man, you’re clearly the Halloween hero that we all need.