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19th Oct 2023

Man drinking 2,000 pints in 200 days has set himself huge task for final day tomorrow

Joseph Loftus

A man who’s singlehandedly keeping the pubs afloat over sober October has been drinking 2,000 pints over the past 200 days and for his final 24 hours, which takes place tomorrow, he’s set the bar very high.

This is Jon May and for whatever reason the lad set himself a real liver crippler of a challenge earlier this year.

The 25-year-old has shared his challenge on TIkTok.

If you do some quick maths you’ll see that 2,000 pints in 200 days is roughly the equivalent of 10 pints a day – a pretty solid number to get down your gullet if you’re doing it day after day after day.

Jon decided to embark on the challenge after seeing another social media user attempt to drink 1,000 pints in a year and Jon thought that this was an insult to drinkers across the world so decided to double his load and shorten the time frame too, like Shackleton on his expedition to Spoons.

Jon has developed a strong following of disciples too who have followed along with his habitual trips to the pub to meet his daily pint quota.

While Jon originally planned to drink 10 pints a day he said that over the course of the challenge he’d “messed up on the maths slightly” and that his success will ride on the final day, which is tomorrow.

Jon explained yesterday (October 18): “We’ve got three days left, 16 pints left so we need to drink an average of 5.3.

“That’s no worries, we’re going to have five today and then we’re going to have like two on Thursday.”

That means that tomorrow night Jon will be taking on nine pints – it’s not unheard of, it’s not undoable, it’s just nine pints, but after 199 days of booze, booze, booze, that’s a tough obstacle to climb.

Godspeed sir.

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