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16th Oct 2023

Man buys 16 milkshakes to see what he’d win in McDonald’s Monopoly

Joseph Loftus

It was well worth it

One man has decided to test his luck by buying 16 McDonald’s milkshakes to see just what would win on McDonald’s Monopoly.

The man, TikToker Josh Ryan, decided to see what he would win after splashing out on the milkshakes for a video.

In the clip he said that it “was not fun getting home” and revealed that he’d had a spillage in the car.

However, with 32 stickers waiting to be scratched, it was Ryan who had the last laugh.

Peeling off the first sticker, Ryan said: “First one… I’m praying. I’m praying. I’m praying. Boom!” And whack! He’s in.

He says: “Oh my god, I won! No way. I got Whitechapel Road and a McFlurry or a fruit bag.”

His next three peelers weren’t instant winners, however he did collect more streets such as Regent Street, Pall Mall, and Piccadilly.

Moving on though and his next two milkshakes were winners, picking up a hash brown or cheesy bacon flatbread, and six McNuggets or a double cheeseburger.

Ryan, feeling pretty pleased with his winnings at this point, even claims he could live off all the food he’s gotten.

But that’s not all as his winning streak continues, picking up a free medium Coca Cola or milkshake before peeling off another McFlurry or fruit bag. Get in.

Ryan’s next few peels include various streets before he gets himself yet another win with the choice between a McMuffin or a bacon roll.

As he tears off the final sticker, Ryan shouts: “Winner, winner, winner. I got 20% of Glowhub.”

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