Logan Paul reveals what he whispered in Mayweather’s ear to put him off 1 year ago

Logan Paul reveals what he whispered in Mayweather’s ear to put him off

He managed to last the full eight rounds against the unbeaten ex-pro.

Logan Paul said that Floyd Mayweather was slower than he expected during the pair's exhibition fight at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on Sunday night, and revealed that he whispered things in Mayweather's ear during the fight to try and put him off.


The 26-year-old YouTuber managed to take Mayweather the full eight rounds in their fight - although it looks like he largely had his opponent to thank for that - and claimed afterwards that because of this he technically won.

He said: "I knew if it went the distance , I won, technically."

Insider reports that data from the fight shows that Mayweather landed more punches than Paul and targeted the YouTuber's body, and in the post-fight press conference Paul said: "He worked the body more than I was used to in sparring.


"I said that to him. I whispered it in his ear. He hit me in the stomach, and I said: 'Bitch, I do sit-ups.'"

He also said at the press conference after the fight that he had kept a list of everyone who said Mayweather would embarrass him, and will now post it online. Apparently Mike Tyson is right at the top of the list.

Paul said: "You're all fucked. Mike Tyson is on it [the list]. He told me on my own podcast: 'Floyd is going to beat his ass.' That's what he said. Floyd didn't beat my fucking ass, Mike."

Talking about the actual fight itself - and we're really stretching the definition of a fight here - the internet sensation said: "Any little error I made, he capitalized on, and I felt that immediately. He was slower than I expected. I imagine his age is finally kicking in."


His final words to the press?

"I'm going to go jump in the water and get drunk."

The days of Ali vs Frazier are well behind us now....