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08th Sep 2022

King to be known as Charles III – as William and Kate become Duke and Duchess of Cornwall

Steve Hopkins

Prince Charles issued his first statement as King shortly after his mother’s passing

Prince Charles will now be known as Charles III, it has been confirmed.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday afternoon, aged 96,  her son Charles will be crowned King Charles III, Sky News reported.

He will become the oldest monarch to assume the British throne, aged 73.

William and Kate’s Twitter account @KensingtonRoyal now refers to the couple as The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge.

Sky News reported that the King could have chosen a different name, according to British monarchy’s long history.

The history of the names of British kings and queens is a tale of Williams, Georges, Henrys and Edwards, with a couple of Elizabeths and Marys as well, the broadcaster noted.

Queen Victoria was originally christened Alexandrina Victoria, but chose a different regnal name.

Her son, born Prince Albert Edward, took up the mantle of King Edward VII upon his accession to the throne in 1901.

Prince Albert, Duke of York took on the name King George VI in 1936 following the abdication crisis.

Royal historian professor Kate Williams believed that the King would go with Charles III, telling Sky New: “My feeling was if he was not going to stick to it, we would have been told this already because if he suddenly says, for example, he’s King William, I think people will find it quite confusing.”

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