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29th Jun 2023

John Cena praised for response to fan who approached him while eating

Callum Boyle

John Cena

Cena was out eating lunch with a friend

John Cena has been praised for the way he reacted to a fan who approached him while he was out eating with a friend.

Cena was spotted eating dinner with his friend at a restaurant when the fan came over and while he was clearly not happy to be disturbed, remained patient and gave him his time of day, leading to widespread praise on social media.

In a TikTok video, the fan walked towards Cena before perform his signature “You Can’t See Me” taunt from WWE.

Calmly, Cena responded: “Can I enjoy some time with my friends?”

The fan then apologised and left Cena be, who gave a smile of appreciation for respecting his wishes.

“How can you hate John Cena he’s so chill,” wrote one fan.

Another commented: “Least Cena was nice and polite about saying basically I would like to be left alone.

A third said: “I know it’s ‘part of the profession’, but I feel bad for people like him sometimes.”

The WWE star is rarely seen inside the ring today and appears to be more focused on his acting career. He’s recently starred in the likes of Fast and Furious and the Marvel franchises. Cena has also taken on the lead role of Peacemaker in the TV series of the same name.

Given his work commitments, Cena can often be spotted around the globe. Last month, the 46-year-old was spotted working out in a gym in Liverpool.

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