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19th Nov 2015

How did the BBC not notice this giant Jeremy Hunt vagina banner on Daily Politics? (Pic)

Schoolboy banner. Schoolboy error...

Ben Kenyon

When the BBC cocks up, it likes to cocks up in spectacular fashion.

There really isn’t any half-assed balls ups on the Beeb.

Not satisfied with calling Jeremy Hunt a c**t live on air, the BBC has inadvertently trolled the government health secretary again.

Somehow a banner bearing Hunts name alongside a diagram of a massive vagina managed to make its way onto the Politics Show during their coverage of proposed strikes by junior doctors.

The sign read ‘an anatomy lesson for Jeremy Hunt’ and had arrows pointing to parts of the vagina and arguments for how Hunt’s changes would affect doctors’ contracts.

The camera quickly panned away from the banner when the error was spotted…but not before it made it onto Twitter.

You almost get the feeling they’ve got it in for Hunt.


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