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08th Jun 2017

Great British election tradition Dogs At Polling Stations returns for 2017

Very good dogs out doing their patriotic duty

Rich Cooper

If there’s one thing we Brits love more than democracy, it’s dogs.

Politics changes. Politicians come and go. Governments form, function and fall. Dogs are a universal constant. Always there, always loving, always good.

We take our four-legged friends everywhere, and the polling station is no exception. Dogs love democracy as much as we do, let us remember.

A trend has developed in recent years – Dogs At Polling Stations – where people take and share pictures of pooches waiting outside the polling station while their owners do their duty and cast their ballots.

Politics may be partisan, but whether you’re Tory or Labour, UKIP or Lib Dem, everyone can agree that dogs are the best. Let’s have a look at some of the beauties we’ve already seen today.

This year, Twitter have joined forces with Dogs Trust to encourage polling stations to set up ‘Paw-ing Stations’ so that dogs can be looked after while their humans are busy doing the voting thing.

Dogs Trust recommend that you:

  • Get to the Polling Stations early with your dog
  • Take a friend with you so you don’t have to leave your dog tied up outside, and never leave your dog in a car
  • Encourage your local Polling station to have a water bowl, and if possible a sheltered place for anyone waiting with their dog

Now, let’s have a few more of those very good dogs, eh?

Feature image: Sophie Barkerwood / Richard Walker