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23rd Aug 2022

Gordon Ramsay’s son Jack calls festival goer ‘f***ing scum’ after ‘row over burger’

April Curtin

Gordon Ramsay and his son Jack (Image: Channel 4)

One festival-goer allegedly got a burger ‘slapped in his face’

Gordon Ramsay‘s son has been caught on camera at a festival allegedly calling someone “scum” in what was said to be a row over a burger.

Jack Ramsay, a 22-year-old marine, could be seen speaking to multiple security guards at the Titan Festival near Polzeath, Cornwall. Speaking to the Mail Online, a festival-goer explained how he allegedly got into a heated argument with the celebrity chef’s son, which apparently turned physical with some of his friends.

The festival-goer claimed that he and his friends were stood eating chips and noticed how one food provider had been calling someone to pick up their food for 20 minutes, with no response.

So the group said they went and claimed the ticket even though it wasn’t theirs, just so they could eat in peace instead of hearing the number being called out.

They said they then placed the order on the table where they were sat, when Ramsay reportedly came over to claim the burger.

This is allegedly “where things got interesting” because Ramsay “wouldn’t accept” what they had done.

The festival-goer then accused Ramsay’s friend of slapping him around the face with the burger.

“I wasn’t very happy about having a burger juice dripping out of my ear so I decided to confront him which resulted in me trying to throw him over counter as a reaction to having a burger slapped in my face,” the festival-goer claimed.

The commotion was said to escalate into a “brawl” at which point security stepped in.

The festival-goer also claimed Ramsay called them “f***king scum,” adding: “For some reason it seems he feels he is far superior to anyone else and has the right to not only shout abuse at people, but to get aggressive over a burger which he had the audacity to order and then disappear at its delivery time.”

JOE has reached out to Jack’s representatives for comment but is yet to hear back.

Jack is one of five children that Gordon, 55, shares with wife Tana, 48. The couple are also parents to Megan, 24, Jack’s fraternal twin Holly, 22, Tilly, 20, and Oscar, three.

Announcing the news that Jack had signed up to the navy in 2020, dad Gordon wrote on Instagram: “Jack Ramsay you’ve made me feel like the proudest father today.”

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