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16th Nov 2023

Girl from iconic Cadbury’s ad ‘ruins childhood’ after confirming it was fake all along

Callum Boyle

TikTok Cadbury

A girl who starred in a Cadbury’s ad has left people heartbroken after revealing how they filmed it

The Cadbury’s eyebrow advert has to be one of the most iconic adverts of the last 30 years.

Starring two kids, the duo’s eyebrow dance to Freestyle’s ‘Don’t Stop the Rock’ had the whole country in a chokehold from the moment it first aired.

However, now the girl who starred in the advert has spoken out and given us all some bitterly disappointing news… the advert wasn’t real.

Georgia Wake, who featured in the 2009 spectacle, gave the lowdown on the actual story behind the advert and how they managed to make it look so realistic.

Speaking in a TikTok video, she said: “When you lie to the nation about your eyebrow talent.”

Wake also captioned the clip: “How times change. Nine-year-old me was thriving.”


#duet with @iconicmoments #cadburys How times change 😂 9 year old me was thriving

♬ original sound – iconicmoments

Fans were left gobsmacked by the news and couldn’t believe their whole lives had been a lie.

“My childhood was a lie,” said one user.

Another commented: “This advert had me in a chokehold, I finally learnt how to raise an eyebrow each it only took me six years to master it. To find out I was living a lie.

“I was 100% convinced I could have robbed you out of a job I spent ages getting Amelia Clark levels of expression. And you’re telling me it was FAKE?!” wrote a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: “Eight year old me is so p***ed off right now.”

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