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23rd Jun 2024

Football hacker Rui Pinto claims he will release proof of Man City breaching FFP rules

Harry Warner

Rui Pinto/Sheikh Mansour

Pinto released thousands of private emails surrounding Man City’s finances in 2018

The hacker who leaked thousands of emails concerning Manchester City’s finances in 2018 has threatened to release even more that will prove they are guilty of breaching FFP rules.

Rui Pinto who is currently in a witness protection scheme for the 2018 leak, has claimed he has handed over millions of incriminating documents to authorities in France and Germany according to reports.

The 35-year-old from Portugal claims that the dossier shows ‘criminal relevancy’ which could prove vital as Man City face a hearing for their 115 charges this August.

Pinto said at the OffShore-Alert Marbella Conference: “The Man City releases showed amounts of money being paid into by the club that were not mentioned to the football authorities.

“These documents are from part of the Premier League investigation into City. I have now handed five hard drives to French and German authorities with millions of documents, including more on City and I have described what is on each.”

Pinto was handed a four-year suspended sentence by Portuguese courts for attempted extortion and illegal access to data, although has been in a witness protection programme since 2020.

Although the hacker has released details on City’s sponsorship income and former manager Roberto Mancini’s contract, it is believed the hacker has kept hold of most of the material.

Man City continue to deny all allegations even taking legal action against the Premier League claiming ‘discrimination of Gulf ownership’ in a behind closed doors hearing.

The Citizens face 115 charges from the Premier League with the trial and outcome expected this Autumn.

The charges relate to breaches made stemming from 2009 right up to 2023.

These breaches range from failure to provide accurate financial information to failure to comply with Uefa’s rules including Financial Fair Play (FFP) to failure to co-operate with Premier League investigations.

Man City claim they have a “comprehensive body of irrefutable evidence” to support their case, as many point to the difficulties in using illegally sourced evidence in a trial as being a major potential road block.