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05th Jun 2024

What will happen if Man City win legal battle against Premier League 

Callum Boyle

Man City

Man City are taking on the Premier League again

Manchester City have launched a full scale attack on the Premier League in the background of ongoing battle against the 115 alleged breaches of the top flight’s financial rule.

City have argued that the league’s Associated Party Transaction rules (APT), which prevent clubs from determining the price of deals with companies linked to their owners, are unlawful. 

A 165-paged document has claimed they are the victims of “discrimination of Gulf ownership” and that rivals trying to derail their on-pitch success are the “tyranny of the majority”.

The two-week trial will begin next week and could have a major say on how their hearing in relation to the 115 charges, which is set to take place over six weeks starting from November, goes.

What happens if they win?

If successful in their legal battle, it could have major repercussions on the rest of the top flight.

For starters a removal of the two-thirds agreement could mean wholesale changes to the way the league is operated.

In order for a motion to pass at present, 14 of the 20 top flight teams would have to approve on the proposition however if City get their way, far less would need to voice their approval.

Clubs would also be allowed to make unregulated sponsorship deals with companies connected to their state owners – benefitting clubs like City and Newcastle and more than likely leaving clubs such as Brentford and Fulham further behind.

The reigning Premier League champions also want damages for the losses they claim to have suffered as a result of the rules. 

Owners of other clubs, particularly American ones, may also see this as a window of opportunity to try and get games played in the US or even introduce rules such as changing the way TV revenue is distributed.

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