Finally, KFC is launching a breakfast menu in the UK 5 years ago

Finally, KFC is launching a breakfast menu in the UK

McDonald's does it. Burger King does it. Even Greggs does it. But up until now, KFC haven't offered breakfast in the UK.

Fear not though, chicken fans, because as of Monday October 10, KFC will be offering a breakfast menu in 10 locations across the UK.


The new menu features the new Chicken AM, a chicken burger with egg, cheese and smoked bacon. Other options include a bacon roll, along with a bacon and egg roll. If you fancy making a meal out of it, you can add a hash brown and a coffee for a little extra.


The KFC Double Down - not the Chicken AM, but not far off either. Photo: Michael Saechang

The Chicken AM will cost £2.49, or £3.49 as a meal; a bacon roll with three rashers costs £1.75, and the bacon and egg roll with two rashers and an egg costs £1.99.

Breakfast is served from 6am until 10:30am, and if the thought of fried chicken for breakfast seems weird, you've clearly never been hungover before.

So where can you get a KFC breakfast? These are all the locations that will be open for business on Monday morning:


Brixton (London)

Cobham (London)

Hounslow Central (London)

Victoria Station (London)

Argyle Street (Glasgow)


Braehead (Glasgow)

Linwood (Glasgow)

Llandudno (Wales)

Newtown (Wales)


Hopefully KFC breakfast is a runaway success, then everyone can revel in the majesty of fried chicken in the morning. Beats a bowl of bran flakes, anyway.

Feature image: AashaaMichael Saechang