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03rd Jun 2018

FBI agent accidentally shoots a man in the leg whilst dancing

The incident occurred in a bar in Denver on Saturday morning

Kyle Picknell

Only in America.

An off-duty FBI agent caused carnage at a Denver bar when his gun went off, whilst he was dancing in front of a group of people at 12:45am in the morning.

The weapon accidentally fell out the back of his trousers whilst he was performing a backflip and then when he bent down to retrieve the firearm it discharged, striking a man in the leg who was standing in the crowd.

The adult male was taken to hospital and has suffered non-threatening injuries according to the Denver Police Department in Colorado.

You can watch footage of the incident below:

The agent in question was taken in by Denver police before being released to an FBI supervisor. Authorities believe the shooting was accidental but it is unclear whether the weapon was a government issued.

Whilst the shooting is still under investigation by the homicide unit of the Denver police force it is the District Attorney’s Office who will determine whether or not to press charges against the agent.