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03rd Mar 2021

John McDonnell: Rishi Sunak has stolen all my ideas

If some of Sunak’s announcements today look familiar to you its because they were in Labour's 2019 manifesto

If some of the government’s announcements today look familiar to you its because they were in Labour’s 2019 manifesto

Former shadow chancellor and Labour MP John McDonnell called out Chancellor Rishi Sunak for nicking his ideas from the old Labour manifesto. 

The comments come following the chancellor’s speech today, in which several policies appeared to be lifted from McDonnell’s economic vision.

Sunak told Parliament that, along with other departments like BEIS, the Treasury will “establish a new economic campus in Darlington.”

Familiar? It’s straight out of McDonnell’s little red book.

The chancellor’s use of the term “Green Industrial Revolution” really stood out, as well as announcing a national infrastructure bank.

Sunak said: “I can announce today the first ever UK Infrastructure Bank. 

“Located in Leeds, the Bank will invest across the United Kingdom in public and private projects to finance the Green Industrial Revolution.”

And Sunak’s plagiarism has not gone unnoticed. 

Speaking to JOE, John McDonnell criticised Sunak – saying he was stealing his ideas, and executing them badly.

“Sunak steals my ideas, but to him it’s all rhetoric and no substance.

“His green industrial revolution proposals are so lacking in scale and effectiveness that it’s just a cynical greenwash.”

McDonnell’s frustration is understandable; it seems many of the policies that the Conservatives derided during the 2019 election have become key parts of their economic plan.

Perhaps Sunak needs to give McDonnell an honourable mention at his next press conference?