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01st Mar 2024

Eugene Levy says they’re ‘open’ to bringing back Schitt’s Creek

Ryan Price

The co-creator of the hit comedy series has hinted that the show could return in the future if there’s enough demand for it.

Eugene Levy has spoken about the potential of bringing the much-loved Schitt’s Creek back for more seasons, just two years after the final episode aired.

The 77-year-old co-created the Netflix series alongside his son Dan Levy, and it ran for a six successful seasons having premiered in 2015.

The sitcom also stars Catherine O’Hara and Annie Murphy and the four of them make up the Rose family.

Across the six seasons, viewers follow the once wealthy family struggle to adapt to a more humble existence in the quiet, sleepy small town of Schitt’s Creek.

Schitt’s Creek has a very emotionally invested fanbase, so news of a potential return will only increase the demand for it.

Last week, Levy was questioned by Radio Times and said: “I know my son Daniel has said this, we’d love to get together with these people again and take the show and the characters to yet another level.

“There’s nothing in the works right now to be honest, but you know, we’ve never stopped thinking about what might happen down the line. We’re certainly open to anything, I think when the idea that is the right idea presents itself we’ll probably act on it, I guess.”

He added: “It was a great production, mostly everybody was on the show for all six years. It was really just such a delightful show to do. The fact that I’m working with my son and daughter, it was kind of a gift to fatherhood I guess. I thought it was hitting on all cylinders pretty much from the first season right through to our last.”

Schitt’s Creek picked up nine Emmy awards towards the end of its six-year run, and is considered to be the one of the most successful ‘slow burn’ tv shows ever made.

Comments on Facebook suggest a new season would be warmly welcomed.

One user wrote: “They so should! I want to see David become a dad! Do Alexis and Ted see each other again??!! What’s Stevie’s life like now? So many possible story lines.”

Another had a different sentiment to share: “The occasional reunion movie would be fun, but after the perfect way it concluded, I would hate to see an ongoing series spoil things.”

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