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03rd Aug 2023

Egyptian toyboy, 37, dumped by wife Iris, 83, breaks silence after split with cryptic post

Steve Hopkins

‘Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side’

An Egyptian man who married a British pensioner has spoken out after being replaced by a cat.

Mohamed Ibrahim, 37, tied the knot with 83-year-old Iris Jones in 2020 and the couple later delighted and horrified breakfast TV viewers by speaking intimately about their sex life. In November, Iris revealed their encounters had left her needing A&E treatment.

Mohammed, a former care worker from Cairo, met his wife-to-be on a Facebook group for atheists and, after hitting it off, met in person in 2019.

The unlikely lovebirds married in the Egyptian capital in 2020, before feasting on KFC on their honeymoon and moving in together in the UK.

The romance, however, turned sour and ended last month.

Iris told Closer that while the relationship started all hot and heavy, it had become “hard work” and the pair frequently bickered.

“We used to have a great sex life but then, rather than making love, we ended up arguing all the time about anything and everything,” she told the publication, before introducing the public to the new love of her life – her cat.

The retired cleaner welcomed Mr Tibbs, just days after Mohamed moved out of her Somerset home.

Mr Tibbs, Iris has since announced, is the “perfect companion.”

“He never complains, is very quiet and beautiful to look at – I adore him,” she admitted. “And he’s very happy here and doesn’t create a mess.”

Since then Mohammed has also had his say on the split.

But rather than address the breakup directly, Mohammed published a somewhat cryptic post on Facebook – lyrics from the Gloria Gaynor song, ‘I Will Survive’.

“At first I was afraid, I was petrified. Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side. But then I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong. And I grew strong. And I learned how to get along.”

Appearing on This Morning in November 2021 to defend the legitimacy of the union, Mohammed told then hosts, Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: “Some people attack us. Why? I am working.

“I’m not with Iris because I need something … I am a rich man, I have a bungalow in Cairo.”

Iris went on to alarm morning TV viewers by detailing the intimate side of their relationship.

She said Mohammed needed to be gentle with her, because of her fragile skin.

“My skin is very thin, it’s like tissue and Mohamed’s got to be careful when he grabs a hold of me because he rips my skin,” she explained.

“The skin on my legs is very, very thin.”

Irish also said that she and Mohamed, whose visa to live in the UK has now been granted, also “solved” the problem of painful sex by doing it “doggy fashion.”

In an interview with Fabulous a year later, Iris announced she had put in place a sex ban because she often ended up in A&E.

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