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03rd Oct 2023

Easy Life are being sued by EasyJet’s parent company because of their name

Charlie Herbert

Easy Life sued by EasyJet

‘For those of you who bought gig tickets and ended up on a budget flight to Tenerife, I apologise’

English band Easy Life have claimed they are being sued by EasyJet because their names are apparently too similar.

In a statement on social media, the indie pop group claimed the budget airline was “forcing” them to change their name or face a costly legal battle they “could never afford.”

Their statement read: “Okay… never imagined having to do this but we’ve no choice but to address the situation we find ourselves in.

“As some of you have already discovered, we are being sued. EasyJet are suing us for being called easy life.

“They’re forcing us to change our name or take up a costly legal battle which we could never afford. We’ve worked hard to establish our brand I’m certain in no way have we ever affected their business.

“Although we find this whole situation hilarious, we are virtually powerless against such a massive corporation. I don’t really know what else to say, will keep you lot updated. For those of you who bought gig tickets and ended up on a budget flight to Tenerife, I apologise, for the rest of you, thank you so much for your support”.

In a statement to JOE, EasyJet said it was not the airline that was suing the band but instead easyGroup Ltd. This is the parent company of the airline, and is made up of a number of ‘easy’ branded businesses such as easyBus, easyGym and easyMusic.

This does include a business called

On the easyGroup website, there is an entire page about ‘brand thieves’, which encourages people to report other brands or businesses “disguising itself as an easyGroup company that is trying to piggyback off our brand.”

Formed in Leicester by frontman Murray Matravers, Easy Life have risen to prominence in recent years. The group released their debut album ‘Life’s a Beach’ in May 2021, with the record reaching number two in the Official Album Chart.

They matched this performance with their second album Maybe in Another Life… in October 2022, having played on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury that same year.

Along with Matravers, the other band members are Oliver Cassidy, Sam Hewitt, Lewis Alexander Berry and Jordan Birtles.

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