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27th Sep 2023

Woman who paid £570 to see Drake tears down fan’s sign blocking her view

Charlie Herbert

Woman who paid £570 to see Drake tears down fan's sign blocking her view

‘That’s a public service right there’

A Drake concert-goer has been praised after she tore down a fan’s sign which was blocking her view of the show.

Whilst sometimes you can’t do much about our view at gigs – whether that’s because of your height or the fact you booked the cheap obstructed view seats – this has got to be up there as the most annoying reason to not see the stage.

At concerts from major artists, signs from uber-fans are a bit of a given. They have a question on them for the artist, or perhaps the fan’s favourite lyric.

But spare a thought for the people behind these signs, whose view is completely blocked.

One woman decided she wasn’t having any of it, and took matters (and the sign) into her own hands.

She reached down several rows to grab the sign and yank it away from the inconsiderate fan.

Footage of the moment was shared on TikTok, with the clip explaining that the woman had forked out around $700 (£576) for her seats.

@chicks she literally SNATCHED IT @Texas State Chicks ♬ original sound – Chicks

Reacting to the video, plenty of people praised the woman for her actions.

One person wrote: “That’s a public service right there haha”

Another person said: “Good job! Some people are so INCONSIDERATE.”

Others suggested venues should ban signs to avoid conflicts like this in the first place.

And some just simply couldn’t wrap their heads why anyone would pay such an extortionate amount to attend a concert, with one person writing: “Okay but I would never pay 700$ for a Concert ticket, the hell are these prices man?”

In recent weeks, signs haven’t been the main issue at Drake concerts. Instead his gigs have seen a bizarre trend of women throwing absolutely huge bras on stage, to the extent that the rapper has urged fans to stop.

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