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30th May 2023

Couple take alcohol measurer on all inclusive holiday to answer age-old question: Do they water down the drinks?

Jack Peat

The ‘scientific’ TikTok experiment should put your worries to rest

If you’ve got an all-inclusive holiday on the horizon and the thought of watered-down cocktails sends shivers down your spine, the Cheap Holiday Expert, aka Chelsea Dickenson, has conducted a “scientific” TikTok experiment that might put your worries to rest.

With a trusty alcohol measurer in hand (also known as a ‘refractometer’), Chelsea and her partner James ventured into the realms of a budget all-inclusive hotel. Their mission? To uncover the truth behind the alcohol content in their drinks.

In the TikTok video, viewed by Chelsea’s 88.7K followers, the couple drop a sample of the clear liquid onto the refractometer, hoping for a reading of ‘37.5 per cent’ ABV, the expected value for vodka.

However, the results show a slightly lower ABV of 33 per cent in both attempts.

Before we jump to conclusions, though, let’s explore the reasons behind this discrepancy.

“Could it be a few percentages off?” Chelsea quizzes her scientific partner, James, to which he responded: “Temperature can vary the accuracy of this.”

Wait, what does that mean?

According to James, it implies that the drinks might not be watered down after all. The couple recalls witnessing the bartender breaking the seal of brand-new bottles, which strengthens their conviction.

Chelsea confidently asserts, “There’s no watering down going on here.” With a final shot of the hard stuff to celebrate, it seems they’ve found solace in their experiment’s results.

@cheapholidayexpert 🥃💦 Are hotels watering down your drinks?!! SURELY NOT?! So many of you said this to me in the run up to our cheap all inclusive holiday and so James and I decided to INVESTIGATE 🕵🏻 We await your thoughts on our highly scientific experiment 😂 #cheapholidays #cheapholiday #budgettravel #allinclusive #allinclusiveresorts ♬ original sound – Cheap Holiday Expert

But that’s not all for the budget travel enthusiasts. In other money-saving news, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria has emerged as one of the cheapest holiday destinations worldwide.

The Post Office’s annual ‘World Holiday Costs Barometer’ (WHCB) has determined Sunny Beach to be the third most affordable resort, with a total cost of just £58.30 for key holiday staples like meals, drinks, and sunscreen.

With the rising cost of living, these findings come as welcome relief for those seeking a pocket-friendly getaway.

So, whether it’s debunking cocktail dilution fears or unveiling the most budget-friendly destinations, the world of travel continues to provide surprising revelations for adventurous souls and thrifty travelers alike.

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