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22nd Mar 2023

Controversial rapper 6ix9nine hospitalised following gym attack

Jack Peat

The musician was cornered by a group of men in the sauna

Controversial rapper 6ix9ine has been rushed to hospital after being savagely attacked by a gang in South Florida.

The 26-year-old suffered injuries to his jaw, ribs and his back after he was set upon by random attackers in an LA Fitness.

Speaking to TMZ, his attorney revealed that the musician was in the gym’s sauna when he was surrounded by a group of men.

Despite his best efforts to fight them off, he failed, and they roughed him up pretty badly.

Staff at the gym called emergency services once they heard all the commotion coming from the sauna and an ambulance was dispatched to the location, along with police.

He was then taken to hospital where he received treatment for his injuries.

TMZ has posted a photo of the 26-year-old, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, in a hospital bed with cuts on his face.

Lazzaro says Tekashi didn’t have his security with him at the time of the beating and he’ll be asking federal authorities for more protection.

The attorney feels it is necessary after the rapper had his sentence dramatically reduced for helping prosecutors in their investigation into Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.

Hernandez was facing 37 years to life on federal racketeering charges, but the sentence was reduced as a result of his cooperation with the US Attorney’s Office.

“I have no doubt that the process of cooperation has for you been cathartic,” the judge said at the time while handing down rapper’s reduced sentence. “For all these reasons you deserve a very substantial reduction”.

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