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29th Mar 2019 seek legal guidance after The Independent Group’s change of name

Petition website have said they are seeking legal guidance after The Independent Group's change in name to Change UK

Reuben Pinder

The Independent Group have registered to become an official party

Petition website UK have announced that they are seeking legal guidance after The Independent Group registered to become an official political party called Change UK.

The group of rebel MPs who quit their parties to form the group plan to stand in the European Elections which are set to take place in May this year.

The group has also named Heidi Allen as its interim leader, ahead of its first leadership election at its inaugural party conference in September. have since issued a statement after the name of the party was revealed.

“ UK is a movement of 17 million people in the UK. We empower ordinary people to start petitions & campaign to create the change they want to see,” a series of tweets began.

“Our petition starters, like Laura Coryton who ended the tampon tax and Richard Ratcliffe fighting for the freedom of his wife Nazanin, are disrupting the status quo of power in politics. Change.orgUK or @UKChange as we are interchangeably known, is totally independent of party politics, always has been and always will be.

“It’s said that imitation is a form of flattery. But the movement we’ve built in the UK to win campaigns for ordinary people is ours – all 17 million of us.

“We are seeking guidance on the proposed use of our brand name by those reported to be setting up a new political party,” the statement concluded.