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08th Jun 2017

BREAKING: Exit poll results are in and predict HUNG PARLIAMENT

The exit poll results are in


It’s looking like a hung parliament.

This year’s snap general election has been a roller coaster of fortunes for everyone involved, but no more so than Theresa May. The Prime Minister has been widely criticised for running what some called the worst campaign in living memory. Conversely Jeremy Corbyn build a head of steam and confounded critics with huge turnouts wherever he went.

However, the exit poll results are in and point a hung parliament. If accurate it suggests May’s gamble to call a snap election prior to Brexit negotiations was ultimately a horrendous mistake.

The broadcast exit poll was jointly commissioned by the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, and conducted by MORI and NOP.

For context, the 2015 exit poll underestimated the number of Conservative seats by 15, and overestimated Labour seats by 7. However it was still far more accurate than any of the polls in the run up to the election, which had the two main parties neck and neck, whereas the exit poll correctly predicted a significant Tory majority.