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24th Sep 2022

Bars and nightclub staff given breathalysers to stop drinkers from preloading on a night out

Charlie Herbert

Even more pressure on the door now

Bars and nightclubs in the north-east are being given equipment to breathalyse drinkers – in a bid to stop clubbers preloading.

Durham Police said the initiative, which will be rolled out this month, is aimed at stopping the culture of people drinking excessively at home before going out.

Several venues have started using the devices – which staff can use as a guide to decide who gets in – this week.

The breathalysers operate on a lights system and indicate if potentially unsafe levels of intoxication are reached.

Durham City neighbourhood inspector Dave Clarke said: “We are committed to making sure people are safe when they are on a night out.

“Sadly, time and again we see the negative effects alcohol has on people, whether it be through violence against others, anti-social behaviour or not being aware of their surroundings.

“Not everyone will be breathalysed, it will be down to door staff to judge those individuals who might benefit from not drinking any more that night.

“We want everyone to have a great night, but we also want to make sure they make it home safely, and without causing any disruption to residents.”

Durham Police and Crime Commissioner Joy Allen added: “This initiative is a welcome addition to our night-time economy and a step in the right direction for keeping our revellers safe.

“I hope that we will be able to follow the example of other areas who have introduced the breathalysers, in reducing violence crime incidents on our streets.

“When used appropriately this scheme will ensure that whilst the public can enjoy an evening out, they also don’t exceed a safe limit of alcohol consumption leading them to put their own health, safety and that of the public in danger.

“As part of my plan, the safer streets fund has allowed us to implement the night-time safety hub along with the breathalyser initiative, additional lighting and CCTV across the city centre.

“We have already seen successes from the safety hub and we will proceed in the hope that our other additions can make further strides in improving our city centres for all in the community.”

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