‘Anti-Karen’ coffee shop hit with complaints from Karens 6 months ago

‘Anti-Karen’ coffee shop hit with complaints from Karens

The Karens responded as expected.

A California-based coffee shop with a particularly quirky branding style has seen an influx of complaints from ladies named Karen.


Coffee Dose Cafe, which has stores in Costa Mesa, Irvine, and central LA, has been hit with complaints about its unique and edgy branding. Their merchandise has things like 'anti-bitch serum' branded across the front, which has not exactly gone down well with the Karen populous.

Keeping the cafes Gen Z style branding, a sign reading 'No Karen, you can't talk to the manager' and cups reading 'anti-Karen serum' caught the eye of the very demographic they ridiculed.


One woman, presumably with a lot of time on her hands, has taken to a Facebook group specifically for women named Karen to complain about the coffee shop. She called for her fellow Karens to boycott the shop, and so, a series of negative reviews appeared.

One review said the shop was 'promoting bullying' while another outright said the branding was discriminatory.

One person wrote: "I'd give zero stars if I could. One look at the sign outside that is pure bullying to anyone named Karen is enough to put me off."


Another wrote: "I can speak to the manager if I want. Seriously tired of businesses using a tired old meme to attract 'woke' customers."

One woman even compared the usage of the word Karen to the N-word.


If that didn't annoy Karen's enough, then the coffee shops response definitely will.

"We survived a pandemic, we'll survive your sh*tty review," reads their new sign.

Karen news will never get old, simply because they will continue to complain until the end of time.

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