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20th Jun 2023

Andrew Tate charged with rape and human trafficking

Steve Hopkins

Tate and his brother will stand trial

Andrew Tate has been charged with rape, human trafficking and forming an organised crime group to sexually exploit women.

The controversial influencer and his brother Tristan are to face trial in Romania.

The Tate brothers and two Romanian female suspects are under house arrest as part of an investigation into allegations made by seven women – accusations they have denied.

Romanian prosecutors on Tuesday agreed to send all four suspects to trial.

All four have been charged with human trafficking and of constituting an organised crime group.

Andrew Tate has also been charged with raping one of the alleged victims, while Tristan has been charged with instigating others to violence.

The group were arrested on 29 December and spent several months in prison before being released on house arrest on 31 March.

The indictment deposited with the Bucharest court says that the four defendants formed an organised criminal group in 2021 to commit human trafficking in Romania, but also in other countries including the US and the UK.

It names seven alleged victims who it says were recruited by the Tate brothers through false promises of love and marriage.

Sky News quoted a spokesperson for the brothers as saying the decision by prosecutors to send the matter to trial was “undoubtedly predictable.”

The broadcaster further quoted the spokesperson as saying: “We embrace the opportunity it presents to demonstrate their innocence and vindicate their reputation.”

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