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02nd Jun 2023

Andrew Tate hits out at BBC over ‘hit job’ interview

Jack Peat

It was his first television interview with a major broadcaster since being released from prison

Andrew Tate said the BBC orchestrated a hit job on him after he faced tough questions on misogyny in a combative interview with Lucy Williamson.

The controversial social media star was interviewed at his home in Romania as he remains under house arrest.

The BBC put a range of allegations to him – including specific accusations of rape, human trafficking and exploiting women, for which he is being investigated by Romanian prosecutors – all of which he dismissed.

When pushed on whether his controversial views on women harmed young people, the influencer claimed he was a “force for good” and that he was “acting under the instruction of God to do good things”.

He also described himself as the “most influential man on the face of the planet”, called allegations against him “fabricated” and claimed “thousands of women have come to my defence”.

Tate has since hit out at the BBC, describing the interview as a “hit job”.

Posting an “unredacted” version of his almost 40-minute long interview on the social media platform Rumble, he said: “The BBC has been begging Andrew Tate for an interview for the last six months. Begging.

“They sent a list of sanitised questions, and promised a fair and balanced interview.

“Tate finally agreed to their begging and they ignored all of their promised questions and attempted a hit job. This is what happened.”

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